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LifeForce Therapies is the ongoing learning and work of licensed psychotherapist (LMHC), Usui Reiki Master, budding herbalist and drumming enthusiast, Stephanie Saba. Stephanie offers heart centered therapy aimed to assist in opening ones ability to awaken to the true self, honor that self, love that self and begin to heal. The goal is self empowerment through love and acceptance. The work we will do together will create patterns for lasting change. If desired sessions can cover herbal, nutritional, supplemental, energetic and lifestyle recommendations. Stephanie also practices Reiki (energy healing), EMDR, IFS and does workshops on herbal medicine making and ways to address specific ailments using herbs and supplements, women's groups,art therapy groups and community and intimate hand drum circles/lessons.

Currently offer in-person and online individual counseling sessions. Women's group and Reiki Level 1 and 2 certification.

Office located at 71 Summer St., Haverhill, MA 01830.

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My Story



Thank you for taking the first step towards feeling better by taking the time to check out my offerings and bio. Wherever your journey takes you, may you find what you seek in the best possible way for you.

A bit about myself, my practice and my background:

I completed my M.Ed. in 2007 and was first licensed as mental health counselor, LMHC,  in 2009 by the NBCC. In 2019 I earned Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, CMHIMP, through the Mental Health Integrative Medicine Institute. In 2023 I became a Usui Reiki Master.

My purpose in becoming a therapist was always to assist others to become active creators in their reality. This journey lead me to CBT which has a lot of measurable successes for many people. Through this work I always felt there was something missing.  I was introduced to yoga and began to learn about the physical effects of trauma and how it is stored in the body. This lead me to more study, IFS and EMDR. Here I found the missing links to successful treatment and healing! We must release and balance the energetic body to heal! Once this connection was made for me I found Reiki. I was already studying herbs and had been using herbal tea blends to support clients through their journey to wellness, balance and peace. This is how Lifeforce Therapies emerged and continues to evolve and grow as do you and I.

 This journey began 20+ years ago I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue to explore therapeutic treatments and holistic healing. Because of this continued exploration and openness my practice has evolved into a holistic, naturopathic, energetic approach to mental health. It is only by addressing the entirety of a situation/person can we truly get to the roots and heal from the inside out. This is the healing that will set you free.

Peter Mueller and I created LifeForce Rhythms, offering adult hand drumming classes and workshops, to share the experience and benefits of group drumming. Our goal is to integrate the learning, understanding and strengthening of therapeutic insight and skills into the already connective, communicative experience of drumming with others, and to have some fun!


Text, email or call to schedule a 15 min phone consultation. Looking forward to connecting.


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