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Why I named my holistic therapy/counseling business Life Force Therapies

Life Force

The definition of Life Force:

1. The force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength.​​

2. The spirit or energy that animates a living creature or the soul.​

This resonates with me deeply. When we put the work in to truly heal we draw from our inner strength and vitality. We dive into spirit, however that translates for each of us as we are all individuals and find this in our own ways. We activate ourselves (animate) and we nurture and connect our to true self (soul).

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is therapy does not focus on medications to maintain your mental health and well-being. This type of therapy does not utilize unilateral approaches as a catch-all to overcome symptoms, stressors and unwanted behaviors. This approach is an integration of the whole person. Holistic treatment works with whole systems rather than analyzing one symptom or one piece of the puzzle. This allows for deeper healing, understanding and an ability to create lasting change.

Does this resonate with you ?

If this holistic approach resonates with you as it does with me, reach out to schedule an initial session where we can begin to work to harness the life force within you and activate the journey of creating lasting change,

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