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Individual psychotherapy sessions are generally 45 minutes although this can be adjusted based on the agreement between us. This is your journey and we work at your pace. I hold the space and listen mindfully while providing feedback and suggestions. We may explore inner child work, yoga, meditation, herbal formulations to support the work you are doing and more.


Therapy Modalities

Integrative/Eclectic /holistic Approach

IFS (Internal Family Systems)

Somatic Trauma Release

True Self Connection

Heart Centered




Reiki is the universal life force energy that surrounds us all. The practice of Reiki concentrates and directs that energy through the hands of the practitioner to the receiving one for the purposes of balancing chakras and subtle body energies, assist in the healing from emotional trauma, releasing stress and tension and healing physical ailments and discomforts.



            Lifeforce Therapies

               Star Seed Tea's

Initial consultation of 30 min to formulate personalized herbal tea formulations for management of symptoms/discomforts discussed during consult.

*If we are already working together on a regular basis teas may be formulated without the need for the consult.


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    Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

This is a specific therapy that utilizes bilateral stimulation to help the brain reprocess trauma to diminish triggered responses and experiences. This therapy is done within a specific time frame that is decided upon through the process. We all have different needs therefore the duration is set based on the individual.

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