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Welcome to LifeForce Rhythms

          Community and Therapeutic Drumming

LifeForce: ​​

1.The force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength.​​

2. The spirit or energy that animates living creature, the soul.​

​​Rhythm: ​

1. A strong regular pattern of movement or sound.​

2. A particular type of pattern formed by such arrangement.​​

3. A persons natural feeling for such arrangements.​​

4. A regular recurring sequence of events, actions or processes.​

”Tribal enclaves were dependent upon each member to do their part for the betterment of all. Community drum circles embody that tradition. Rhythms are played together with a sense of oneness. Each person plays a piece to make the whole. Everyone in the community can join in and not only make music but commune with one another without inhibition and with their own self expression. That is the spirit of the drum circle”. (Kenne Thomas) People coming together to create collaboratively and better themselves in the process.

LifeForce Rhythms was created by Stephanie Saba and Peter Mueller with a goal to bring people together as a community to play and heal. LifeForce Rhythms is unique because the drumming experiences offered range from fun and laid back to more structured team building workshops to 6 week therapeutic groups to create insight and build coping skills.


Life ForceRhythms has had the opportunity to drum at elderly residence, community mental health treatment centers and private residences. We have drummed with people as young as 1 to as old as 95. Life Force Rhythms is able to work with a diversity of populations, creating a unique drumming experience catered to your organization or individual needs and events.

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Offering Guided Drumming Experiences

Community Events
Private Parties

​Drumming Improves

Cognitive Abilities
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Eye Hand Coordination
Listening Skills

​Group Drumming Requires

Decision Making
Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution

​Engaging in Group Drumming 

Builds Self Esteem
Increases Assertiveness
Brings out Leadership Qualities
Strengthens Interpersonal Skills
and Emotional regulation

Peter Mueller
aka Mister Petey

​Groove...Funk...Soul...Hard to explain, but you know it when you feel it. "MisterPetey" Peter Mueller can get your hands and feet and breath working in steady time and making music immediately. The fun begins as soon as we meet, but the lessons can be as serious as they need to be. Beginners and Experienced players all enjoy playing with Mister Petey. Any item can be made to give rhythm, or you can find your own voice with the sounds of congas/bongos, doumbek, djembe, frame drum, cajon, shakers and clackers, and more...

Click here for Workshops/Classes

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